Smoke Alarms

Turning a blind eye to smoke alarm installation can cost the lives of your family. Smoke alarm installation is mandatory in Queensland, and reduces fatalities resulting from house fires.

State legislation specifies that Queensland residences must have interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms installed in all bedrooms and hallways that connect to bedrooms. This means if one smoke alarm is triggered, the other smoke alarms will be triggered too, for highest protection possible in the event of a fire.

Energizer Electrical can take care of the professional installation and servicing of your smoke alarms on the Sunshine Coast. We can help you determine the best position for the placement of your smoke alarms, providing you with the best protection possible.

We also offer the handy option of carrying out annual inspection and replacement of your smoke alarm where necessary, which saves you the hassle of having to schedule this important errand into your busy schedule, and ensures your smoke alarm is installed.

For the best smoke alarm installation service Sunshine Coast, call us on 0424 637 219 for a free quote.

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